Law of Promoting Research and Development work (WBSO)

The WBSO-regulation is a way in which the government stimulates Dutch companies to invest in challenging technological R&D projects. In other words, you don’t know beforehand if the product you want to make is actually going to work. You will have to search with technological research and innovative development for a structural solution to realize your idea.


In which ways can we support you?

The WBSO is a fiscal regulation with which you can lower your R&D labor costs as a company. This results in the protection of your (inter)national competition power, causes knowledge preservation and enables you to invest in development.

Requesting WBSO can be done yourself. But if you are struggling, we are here to help you on your way in order to provide you with the tools to do it yourself. Would you prefer to completely hand it over to us? That is perfectly fine, and we can take care of the entire process for you. In this track we put a lot of value into our relationship with the
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

WBSO requests: How does it work?

At Real1ze we know the WBSO inside and out. Our team of experienced, technology educated WBSO-experts interviews your team of developers, makes detailed descriptions of the technological innovation and the most important bottlenecks, and submits the request for you. Afterwards the RVO critically reviews and judges your request.

First contact & interviews

By the means of elaborate interviews with your experts we make sure all technological information within the project is known.

Writing & submission

Our professionals take the work out of your hands and write the WBSO request and take care of the submission of the WBSO request.

Administration & evaluation

We don’t stop after the submission! Together with you we take care of the correct administration and perform the periodic WBSO checks in order to support you from the beginning to the end.

Why Real1ze?


Our pool of consultants only exists of people with a technical background. Therefore, we get excited about your innovation, and we understand the technology a bit quicker.

No Cure, No Pay

The words say it all:  No Cure, No Pay! Together with you we start the project and only when the project comes to a successful end, we calculate a percentage of your final financial benefit that you realize. There are no unnecessary star-up costs or whatsoever, just a trustful collaboration.


Use our hours- and project administration app! This gives you the ability to easily look at an overview of the hours that have been made, and we can evaluate those together with you. Look below for more information.

WBSO cursus

Would you rather do your WBSO request on your own, but you still have questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate to ask us! With an interactive workshop we can provide you with all the details of the WBSO regulation and provide you with the ability to claim the maximum advantage.

Delivering excellence!

Our goals are quality and excellence. Real1ze is ISO 9001 certified. That means that all our processes are systematically recorded, analyzed and the needed measures are taken to be able to improve continuously. Additionally, we are ISO 27001 certified. That means our data security is excellent.

You can trust that your data is save with us.

Realt1meour simple hour administration app

Keeping up a correct hours- and project administration just is a part of the WBSO. Making this as easy as possible we provide our clients with our Realt1me app. With this application you can organize your administration in one minute. Click below for more information about Realt1me.

Need more information about the WBSO?

Do you want to discuss the possibilities for a possible WBSO track? Or would you like to receive an informal second opinion on your current WBSO request? Contact our specialist Johan!

Johan de Lepper

Specialist WBSO