Subsidies & Funding

Ground-breaking innovation in mind?

The use of a variety of subsidies makes regional, national and even international developments possible, in order to make the Netherlands a front runner in area of innovation. Even if your innovation is still just an idea with a good story, or if the entire business plan is already finished, there is always a regulation that makes it possible to get you to your next step for the realization of your product. Whatever phase you are in, Real1ze loves to help you find and request fitting subsidies and financing.

Do you have the feeling you are eligible for a regulation, or do you want to discuss the options that can bring your innovation to the next level? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists. Do you need more information about the regulations themselves? You can also contact us or you can download our Regulation Agenda.

Our working method


In a couple of intensive sessions, we try to clarify the scope of the project together. During this process it becomes clear where you are going as an organization. Resulting in a Crystal Clear plan!


Most of the time you are so deep into the subject that it becomes difficult to comeback to the center of the idea. It helps to have some support from the outside of people who understand the technology but can look at it with a fresh set of eyes. In this phase we translate your plans to a clear proposition.


Our experienced proposal writers translate the proposition into an excellent request. They write a story so great that you get goose bumps from it. Our copywriters write a flawless, readable and inviting text that gets checked by native speaking reviewers and refined before the submission.


Additionally, the shaping plays an important role. Our experienced graphic designers make sure the request is put into a format that is enjoyable to read for the assessor. That makes the request not only strong on paper, but also gives it that extra touch that creates a story.


We don’t write the request on our own but always in collaboration with you. There is only one person who knows the project from inside and out and that is you, the developer. By evaluating the request together, we can assure the document is perfect from start to finish.


Where most subsidy advisors stop, we continue. Hour administration, project documentation and periodic reports are a part of the deal. We will make sure that the correct documents are gathered at the correct time so you can do what your good at: Making impact with your innovation.

Common subsidie tracks

There are a dozen of different regulations that are meant for innovation. A selection of the regulations in which we specialize can be found below. Is there a regulation that is not mentioned below but you still want more information about it? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to look at the regulation and the possibilities together with you.

Information needed about (inter)national subsidies?

Our colleagues are open to help you with all your subsidy questions. Contact us informally with one of our specialists.

Daniel Schobben

Director Real1ze Projects

Do you want to take a look at which subsidies might fit you? Or do you need more information about a specific subsidy? Contact our specialist Daniel!

Daniëlle Ruijs

Compliance Officer

Do you need information about subsidy administration? Are you having difficulties with getting your reports or documentation in order? Ask our Daniëlle for help!